President Address

Zhang Chunmin, with the ancestral home at Fujian and living in HongKong, now acts as the chairman of board of Shengli Group and president of Fujian Shengli Intelligent Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.Based on mechanical design, energy saving R&D, processing and manufacturing, SHENGLI Company is a high-tech group company integrating metallurgy, investment and finance.Depending on the unique predominance of Economic Zone on the Western Coast of the Taiwan Straits, SHENGLI will realize radiation and extension to Southeast Asia and West Asia.

In the past 18 years, we worked hard, grabbed the opportunity for aggressiveness, treated our customers sincerely, provided service for customers wholeheartedly. We trust SHENGLI will be one of the great enterprises on world and occupy an important position in metallurgical industry, which is our historical mission and and it requires solidarity and cooperation of all the staff.

Chances favor only the prepared mind. As member of SHENGLI, everyone should rely on our own talent and hold to position to create value, finally we would win acceptance and recognition from others. The staff should go down to the grass-roots units and learn, lay the foundation and give full play to own talents. The company will never promote a staff without grassroots work experience to undertake senior leadership. Go forward step by step, every step of the career is significant for our life. Do not waste your glorious time.

If all the SHENGLI staffs could be conscientious in working and assiduous in studying, promote cultural development of company and reinforce standardization management, We believe that SHENGLI Company will be built into the top level technology and equipment supply enterprise for steel industry.