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Intelligent IOT Service Platform

Intelligent service platform

  Metallurgical automation have further development toward integration, intellectualization and optimization of management, monitoring and control. For example, computer has been applied for unmanned operation and management of stacking and material taking of spare parts warehouse and slabs. Operating status of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment also starts adopting computer for automatic diagnosis; if there is any equipment fault, except for automatically analyze fault property and location, it also could automatically switch and start standby device to ensure equipment running in good condition. Development tendency of metallurgical automation is to compose a control system from part to entirety, integrating a perfect entirety from production plan, stock preparation to the whole production process.

Automatic Control System

  Metallurgical production enterprise adopts computer for automatic control and management. Automatic control during metallurgical production process includes the control on main production process such as smelting, casting (see continuous casting automation) and rolled metal (see rolling mill control system) etc. and the control on subsidiary production process such as water supply, electricity, heat, oxygen and gas etc. Modern metallurgical enterprise adopts computer to integrate production process control and production management, thus largely improves automation degree. Metallurgical automation could largely increase labor productivity and product quality, reduce circulating fund occupation and improve labor condition thus obtain high economic benefits.

Production Management

  Production management system of metallurgical enterprise is composed by central computer, several process management computers, several hundreds of input/output terminal and communication system. Most of the terminal devices are placed in various links of the whole production process. This kind of computer production management information system could timely reflect various changes during overall production process. Therefore, actual situation and data of the whole production process could be obtained through computer query. Reversely, the production of the whole metallurgical plant could be controlled through the computer’s statistic analysis, logical judgment mathematical model calculation and the command from management personnel. Its main functions include: controlling product contract, making production plan and operation plan, mastering capital balance and flow as well as equipment running and spare parts inventory, and executing optimum management on production.